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Tax Payments

Tax payments can be made by cash, debit, cheque, money order/bank draft, and at most banks.

Telpay: Biller code 007914 ARMSTRONG (RM) TAX 
Selected Credit Unions by Central 1: Biller code 12903 RM of Armstrong (MB) – Taxes. 

Please note that when making a payment at the bank it takes a few days before it reaches the RM Office.

We do NOT accept credit card payments.

We DO accept payment by E-transfer --please call the municipal office for more details at 204-278-3377.


Penalties of 1.25% will be added on November 1 and on the first day of each month thereafter until paid in full. Penalties imposed and remaining unpaid at the end of the year are added to the tax arrears and penalties will accumulate on the balance until paid. Lands in arrears for more than one year will be subject to tax sale.

Tax Certificates

Cost of a Tax Certificate: $25.00 per roll number.