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Fraserwood was established in 1910 and was originally called Kreuzberg. The name was changed in 1918 to Fraserwood. Fraserwood comes from the last names of the first two people to own businesses there, Mr. Wood and Miss Fraser. The couple married and the residents named the community after them.

Today you can go to Fraserwood and enjoy fine meals at Morel’s Café or you can go to the Fraserwood Heritage Park, where you can barbeque at the barbeque pits and eat on the picnic tables. There are also lighted outdoor washroom facilities.

Next door to the park is the Fraserwood Sports Club, which has an outdoor skating rink, playground equipment, a baseball diamond and an outdoor paved basketball court. 

In town, there is a grocery store; The J and J Store which also has gas, groceries, alcohol and the post office. Fraserwood also has Welchinski’s Service, a garage, a senior citizen’s residence (Maplewood Lodge), the Fraserwood Tourist Hotel (that has a restaurant, Morel’s Café, a bar, Club 231, and accommodations starting at $25 a night). The community also has a hall, the Ukrainian National Hall that holds socials and other various events as well as bingo on Friday nights.