• A Building Permit is required in order to protect the Health & Safety of the owner and the public. It provides a means for the Office of the Fire Commissioner to review the project design and to inspect the construction for minimum standards as required by the Manitoba Building Code and Building By-Laws.

  • A Building Permit is required for all new construction, additions, alterations, renovations, relocations, and repairs or rehabilitation of a building or structure. A Building Permit is required for repair and underpinning of foundations, construction of decks, and verandahs. A building Permit is required for construction of accessory buildings (storage sheds, gazebos etc.) exceeding 10 square meters. A Building Permit is also required for construction of attached and detached garages, and carports.

  • Accessory buildings not exceeding 10 square meters in area must comply with the minimum yard requirements of the Municipal Zoning By-Law. 

  • A Demolition Permit is required for all demolition or removal of structures and shall be subject to code requirements.

  • Mobile Homes and RTM’s shall comply with the code requirements. RTM’s require submission of a complete set of plans and specifications. Submission of copies of any or all permits taken out for the mobile home or RTM in the location of its construction together with a copy of any or all inspection reports. Mobile Homes must be CSA approved.

  • A Building Permit is not required for: non-structural renovation such as replacement of stucco, siding, or shingles, replacement of doors when the opening is not altered, construction of fences and windows (subject to zoning By-Law compliance), patching, painting and decorating. The installation of cabinets and shelves – not requiring structural alterations or opening of the building vapour barrier do not require a Building Permit.

  • A Building Permit is not required for minor accessory farm buildings or structures that are open ended or unenclosed such as:  hay shelters or loose housing animal shelters and moveable structures built on skids, such as - granaries and cattle feeders

  • A Permit is required for a Well or a Septic Field/Holding Tank.  Please reach out to the Environment Control Officer, Katie Martin @ 204-485-6797

  • A Permit is required for Electrical. Please reach out to your local Manitoba Hydro Office.

  • A Plumbing Permit is required for the following:  new plumbing installation or alteration to existing plumbing.

  • Building Permit applications are available at the RM of Armstrong office located at Lot 55 Highway #17, Inwood, Manitoba or call 204-278-3377 or email: When you complete and submit the building permit application you are also required to provide the following documentation where applicable:   A site plan, code analysis, foundation plan, floor plan, structural plan, elevations, cross-sections and details, mechanical plans, electrical plans, plumbing isometric drawing. All buildings 40 feet or longer will require engineered stamped drawings. More information and application can be found on our website


  • Fees for permits will be calculated based on value/footage and payable to the “minister of finance” for the Office of the Fire Commissioner services (building permits & inspections).  Also a  $60 new development permit (for new buildings) and a $250 refundable deposit payable to the “RM of Armstrong” is required for all construction projects. The $250 deposit is refundable upon approved completed inspection. A building constructed in a flood prone area the first floor grade level shall be constructed at or higher than the road grade (benchmark) in front of the property on which the buildings are to be constructed. Plan alterations must be authorized and may be subject to additional fees.


  • All permit applications must be submitted and approved by the Rural Municipality of Armstrong before being sent to the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC).  The OFC will then issue the permit once all the required documents have been submitted. Inspections will be completed by the OFC. Do not start your project before receiving your permit from the OFC. This may result in fines and your project not receiving its inspection.  


    ***Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this notice. However, in case of a discrepancy, the Zoning By-Law will take precedence.

    ***Even if a permit is not required, there are still restrictions under the Zoning By-Laws that need to be adhered to. Please reach out to Municipal Office to assist you in determining which Rural Zoning District you belong to. Please contact 204-278-3377 or email:

For permit applications and additional info please view tabs: Local Government/Documents & Downloads open PLANNING folder.